Five, hour-long sessions with Leanne

Get five sessions for $600, making one session free.

Group Healing Punch Pass

10 group healing passes.

Reiki Holy Fire ® III Group Healing

Need a short, gentle healing boost mid-week? Join Stephanie L Soder, Holy Fire ® III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher as she guides you and the group through a gentle Healing Meditation with soft music and the Divine Holy Light of Karuna Reiki. You will simply sit or lie quietly for 25 minutes, listen to a guided visualization, then go quietly within to let the healing take place.

Transformation Package with Leanne

Transformation Package

Going through a big shift and need some intensive guidance and direction. This package can be used either twice a month for three months, or once a week for six weeks.

Package includes:

One hour, one-on-one energy healing sessions, once a week for six weeks or twice a month for three months.
Bio-well scans at each visit to monitor progress and create custom chakra balancing music.
A custom flower essence blend and refills each visit.
A copy of the book Insightful Inspirations by Leanne

More than a 20% saving. ($257 off individual purchases)

Gift Certificate - New Client, In-Person Package

New Client Session (for In-Person Sessions):

Bio-well assessment
Custom Flower Essence Blend
Oracle Card Reading
Energy Balancing and Assessment
30-minute follow-up session within two weeks of the initial session

Gift Certificate for an hour with Leanne

A gift of an our of energy coaching and balancing.