Five, hour-long sessions with Leanne

Get five sessions for $600, making one session free.

Group Healing Punch Pass

10 group healing passes.

Transformation Package with Leanne

Transformation Package

Going through a big shift and need some intensive guidance and direction. This package can be used either twice a month for three months, or once a week for six weeks.

Package includes:

One hour, one-on-one energy healing sessions, once a week for six weeks or twice a month for three months.
Bio-well scans at each visit to monitor progress and create custom chakra balancing music.
A custom flower essence blend and refills each visit.
A copy of the book Insightful Inspirations by Leanne

More than a 20% saving. ($257 off individual purchases)

Gift Certificate - New Client, In-Person Package

New Client Session (for In-Person Sessions):

Bio-well assessment
Custom Flower Essence Blend
Oracle Card Reading
Energy Balancing and Assessment
30-minute follow-up session within two weeks of the initial session

Gift Certificate for an hour with Leanne

A gift of an our of energy coaching and balancing.


Working with Crystals and Healing Stones Series

Working with Crystals and Healing Stones
A Four-Part Series to Make the Most of Your Crystal Collection

Have you joined the world of crystal sweetness and are wondering what else you can do with your precious healing tools? Are you wondering whether or not you can clean that fluorite in salt water? (Please don’t!) Curious about grids? Curious about the science behind just why these stones are more than pretty paperweights? Then join Stephanie L Soder, LCMT, RMT, BSc. on an exploration through the crystal kingdom as she explains the science behind the magic and mystery, shows how to clean, care for, and properly store crystals; decoding crystal formations; creating grids for meditation and intention; and programming crystals for specific healing intentions.